Nike In Collaboration With Stranger Things

This season of Stranger Things is set in the summer of 1985 in a small town of Indiana, Hawkins. As in the previous seasons, 1980's nostalgia is the main inspiration of the series. That decade saw important changes also in the sporting world, when Nike realised its first Air Max I and the iconic Dunk emerged in the basketball courts for the first time.

That's why Nike has decided to design a line based on Netflix's Stranger Things, released just this month. The new collection is mainly focused on two themes: Hawkins High, the school the kids go to, and Independence Day 1985, a central focus of this third season.

Every shoes is one of Nike's 80s throwback models, and aside from the Cortez, which looks like a kid's shoe in any size, they look fantastic, with the Hawkins Blazer a definite highlight.